Project introduction

- The primary goal of this project is the creation of knowlege instruments for electricians to help them install charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It will focus on new installations aswell as the expansion or renovation of existing infrastructures in the private sector, which consists of residetial and commerical environments.

- A second goal is the help SME's in the development of their own charging infrastructure in accordance to the international regulations and the Belgian AREI. This charging infrastructure has to be on par with the state-of-the-art on the international market. It has to be realy to be integrated in the Flemish smartgrid, support different payment possibilities and allow uncertain future developments

- The third goal is to research the possibility of vehicle-to-home aplications concerning synergy between small self-production units and the charging infrastructure. This can typicaly be for personal photovoltaic systems or CHP's (combined heat and power unit) in SME's.